About and Artist Statement

Secret Chambers

Secret Chambers

Her BA in Latin and history from Randolph-Macon Woman's College (1977) allowed for a brief teaching career in Virginia and the Middle East, and then provided a solid basis to learn German while living in Austria.  A proponent of the liberal arts she has been an advocate for literacy and the arts, specifically music and drama, in her neighborhood schools. She considers her finest achievement to have raised three successful people.  Both her father's naval career and her husband's Marriott career allowed her to travel and live throughout the US, Europe and the Middle East.  Her love of photography has been enhanced by classes at Glen Echo Photoworks, Washington Art Works, and Montgomery College.

Currently residing in Maryland with her husband and their energetic corgi, Lisa's fascination with the daily nuances of the incredible nature in their community have given her a deep respect for the environment and a profound appreciation for the ordinary miracles that surround all of us. In this hectic world they are the much needed tonic for our souls.

Artist Statement:

The Magic of the Mundane

Through photography I comment on the seemingly mundane and ordinary which are, in fact, magnificent. These are the miracles of the everyday that surround us, if only we can allow ourselves the time to observe them. They are everywhere, every day and are the stuff that makes life worth living: the ever changing light, the weather, the tiniest bud and raindrop to full blooms, vistas - both grandiose and backyard, and occasionally creatures. One cannot improve on Mother Nature, only strive to capture her creations.